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ESR table is the maintenance of electronic equipment, troubleshooting power tools and effective assistant
ESR table survival and space: the role of capacitance ESR table, with a sentence summary, is used to measure the capacitance ESR value, with this judgment capacitor (mainly electrolytic capacitor) good and bad, normal or not. Although the function is simple, but it is very practical, it will bring great help to the electronic equipment. As is known to all, electrolytic capacitor is one of the highest failure rate, service life and reliability of the electronic equipment, and the life of the electrolytic capacitor determines the service life of the equipment in a lot of time. For a long time, the majority of electronic enthusiasts generally lack an effective means to determine the quality of electrolytic capacitors. The appearance of capacitance ESR table, just can fill the blank.
Main functions and advantages of ESR table:
1 to identify the electrolytic capacitor is good or bad, the accuracy rate is high.
Can be known from the previous introduction, ESR is directed at the performance parameters of the capacitor performance. Whether it is electrolytic capacitor leakage, dry type of common problems, or the loss of the activity of the solution of this hidden problem, can be detected by capacitance ESR table. Apply a foreign producer of the words: you can find out more than 95% of the problem of electrolytic capacitors. He did not say 100%, one of the important reasons is that the capacitor ESR table (not specially designed) can not detect the presence of two contacts between the short-circuit fault. Fortunately, the probability of this kind of short circuit fault occurs, the probability of failure of the capacitor is much lower than the probability of failure. The external performance of the circuit will be very obvious and easy to be checked out by the common Wan, even if the capacitance appears short circuit fault, or the device is short circuit fault. For example, the voltage at both ends of the capacitor, DC resistance is much lower than the normal value.
2 can be measured in the road, no need to remove the components, a substantial increase in detection efficiency
"In road survey", it is not to remove components from the circuit board, and the detection of the component when the power is not. Many people know that the common diode, triode, resistance and other discrete components can use the multimeter in road detection, find fault components the success rate is high. And the capacitor is not, because of the need to communicate the signal driver, the meter can do nothing about it. The use of some of the equipment is even more than one hundred because of the common use of electrolytic capacitors in electronic equipment. The convenience brought about by the way of measurement, which can take time for maintenance, greatly reducing the workload, the significance is important.
3 small size, light weight, low power consumption, easy to carry, easy to use and flexible
The capacitor ESR meter is powered by a battery, which can be made into a portable type, and the power switch can be switched on and the power supply can be switched on. Although the LCR bridge has the capacity of the capacitor ESR table, but the price is high, the test frequency of the highest 1kHz only low domestic LCR bridge price also to more than 1000 yuan, so that the bag shy lovers. LCR bridge mostly belong to the desktop instrument, a large volume, weight, and the need to connect the city electricity to work, dragging a tail when used, people feel that the inconvenience. The handheld LCR bridge test level is generally fixed, the typical value is 0.3Vrms (that is, 848mVpp). This level, a lot of semiconductor devices has reached the threshold through the guide, lead to unreliable results in road measurement become part of.
Range overview:
Resistance measurement (no sense):
Range: 0.01 to 20 euro. Only one range.
Accuracy: 1%+20 Europe, measured a dozen resistors, the error of 0.3%+0.01 Europe, resolving power of 0.01. This table may be calibrated to 0.5%
Capacitance ESR measurement:
Range: 0.01 to 20 euro. Only one range. Requires a capacity greater than 0.1uF
Accuracy: fixed partial big about 0.9%. If the capacitor ESR is adjusted, then the resistance measurement will be small 0.9%
Capacitance measurement:
Range: 0.1uF to 2000uF, where 3kHz capacitance measurement range 3uF to 2000uF, 72kH measurement range 0.1uF to 50uF.
Accuracy: 72kHz and 3kHz are measured simultaneously, and the two capacitance values are obtained. When the relative error is expressed as 3kHz, the volumetric error can be expressed as 2%+C/500, 72K is 1%+C/25, and the unit of C is uF. Visible, in order to meet the general accuracy requirements, the capacity of less than 50uF to have credibility.
Inductance measurement:
Range: 0-60uH (72kHz), 0-1200uH (3kHz)
Accuracy: 3%+0.04uH, the measured error is about 1%, and the minimum resolution is 0.02uH. Inductance does not have calibration parameters, so the error ratio of the error of the measurement error is twice as large.
Main use:
1, accurate measurement of capacity greater than 0.1uF capacity of ESR. CBB can measure the capacitance of ESR. Resolution 0.01 europe.
2, measuring the capacity of 0.1uF to 10uF capacity, the higher the capacity of the smaller the higher the accuracy. Resolution to 1nF.
3, accurate measurement of the inductance of 0 to 1200uH. Resolution to 0.02uH.
4, measurement is less than 20 ohm resistor, the accuracy is better than three and a half million, can be resolved to 0.01.
The above four uses, falls in the main range of this table, the measurement is effective and the precision is high.
Creative design:
1, using SCM port direct synchronous demodulation, square wave signal and the precision of the synchronization signal generated by the microcontroller
2, using a similar method of LCR digibridge detection. After the 1/4 cycle phase synchronous detection, obtain capacitance. The capacity of electrolytic capacitor is measured by dual frequency method, and the measuring range is extended.
In order to solve the nonlinear problem of constant resistance excitation, the RC wave response of the other side is expanded as a series, and the Rs and Cs are calculated before the series, which greatly improves the measurement accuracy of the CBB capacitance of 2uF below Q.
4, the application of over sampling technology, AD converter from 10bit up to 12bit or so, just a range of 0.01 to 20 euro to achieve the measurement, and the lower margin.
5, with automatic zero function, zero drift minus decimal times and long time stability. Usually use, generally do not need to adjust the zero.
6, adding the temperature drift compensation circuit, the detection circuit structure is close to the bridge circuit, temperature drift is very small.
7, with small inductance measurement function. At the same time, measure the DC resistance, the influence of measurement of inductance resistance correction algorithm.
8, the case only a button
At present, the measuring range of capacitance can be measured by 4000uf or so.



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  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 0.5kg (1.10lb.)
  • Package Size: 20cm x 20cm x 20cm (7.87in x 7.87in x 7.87in)
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